Winter in the City

IMG_0309Woke this morning to the view of the rain clouds forming over our city buildings.  Couldn’t decide should I get up and brave the new day or stay in bed watching the clouds and read my book.

Yes you guessed it – Saturday morning – so a snuggle up with my book won!  Not much of a challenge really – wet cold dreary morning or reading tucked under the doona warm and cosy.  As it turned out what an achievement I finished the book – something I never do.  I read it from cover to cover.  I’m pretty happy about that as the book was part of my homework from my retreat.

I enjoyed my indulgence like never before however the day and the shower summoned.

Now why would I need homework after a retreat?  A retreat followed up with homework keeps the focus on all that has been discovered, unearthed or dug up from the depths of our emotional web.  Our souls and energy keep hold onto all the stuff (good and bad) that has driven us to where we are now.  The bad stuff can hold us back from being the truly magnificent souls we can be.  Our childhood may be filled with joy, innocence and family memories to cherish but not all of us experience our early days the same way.  Personal development is part of coming to terms with who we are today that began in our yesterdays.

Exploring self development books can give insights into our behaviour and why we do what we do.   It is a great way to inspire and begin the process of creating new thoughts channelling a better you.  A retreat is a way of accelerating that knowledge and fast tracking personal growth.  I would recommend you explore personal growth retreats as I did.  Not knowing where I would end up but my search lead me to the Hoffman Retreat in Byron Bay and this is the Mother and Father of all retreats!

If you have done the Hoffman Process you will understand that this is the BIG ONE!   I can assure you’ll never be the same again and that is a good thing as the insights you will have from this retreat will ensure you look at your way of being through very different eyes.  If you keep this focus and stay with the awareness you have learnt during this retreat your life’s pathway should unfold with different footsteps.

So what have I learnt during this retreat –  a new type of behaviour –  to look and understand the patterns of thought that have played around inside my head.  I will explain next time, so keep tuned……….

I’ve Been Away – Seeking Self

IMG_0286Hello to all my blogging fans

I’ve been away!  Yes that’s why you haven’t heard from me for a week or two – I know I could have blogged whilst away but I’ve been on a journey.

A journey of self discovery – a journey that I will share with you over the next few blogs.  It’s been an amazing experience and now I am back home in my high-rise apartment I realise how much I’ve changed.  Whilst I was away I visited Byron Bay and the place is beautiful however it was a time of reflection for me and I wasn’t my usual touristy self.

Let me tell you about Byron Bay (NSW Australia) firstly.  After my week retreat in the hills at Byron Bay, I indulged a few extra days to process all that I had experienced staying at Byron Bay on the beachfront.  I stayed at Bayview Beachfront Apartments.   Loved the apartments and the location was fantastic – a walk across the road and you are at the walking track and beachfront.  Couldn’t ask for anymore however additional to that the shops where the next street away many restaurants, cafes and supermarkets, chemists and banks lined the township roads.  Tourist shopping is there as well and fashion shopping including a few well know brands as well – so all a tourist could want.

The weather was warm enough to swim – the locals didn’t think so but the water was beautiful and the white sand squeaked under foot – ahh memories of summer – love the feeling of sand and water underneath my toes.

A walk to the light house is a must and don’t forget to stop at Palm Valley.  A walk along the coast and I saw whales frolicking in the ocean such a blessing and how special.  Do stop and listen to the bird life – you will hear the sounds of birds trilling as you will never hear in the city or in our suburban streets.

Yes I loved Byron Bay however I was surprised at how the backpackers have taken over – the beachfront becomes their home – a place to wash, cook, play and party.  A fun time for all.  Yes I loved Byron Bay and the surrounding beachside – a wonderful place to reflect of the things that matter to us most.  Reflection of my week retreat and all I had experienced.

I had never been on a retreat before and this was an insightful, thought provoking and emotional roller coaster that I could never have imagined I would travel on when I paid my deposit to join the retreat.  This retreat isn’t about spas, swimming, facials, massages, exercise programs, healthy eating and glamour this is about a Process and what a Journey of Self Discovery this process was.

I want to share with you my journey but it is deeply personal and an emotional ride so I need to take a deep breath and consider how much I will share.  It all started with a google search to find a place to get away from it all for a while and my roller coaster started zipping along within a week and I was on the airplane to Ballina – Byron Bay.

A taxi ride and there I was ……………………   ( I will continue tomorrow with my story)

Today Step by Step I Walked and Walked

Step by Step

Today Step by Step I Walked and Walked

It was one of those days – I woke to grey skies and a grey mood.  Sunday most people savour the last day of the weekend and maximise their day by completing the last minute things, catching up with friends or chilling out with the family before the weekend becomes Sunday night.

Monday morning clocks around too often for those who work but those of us who are outside of the 9 to 5 Monday to Friday we are left to wonder where does the week go, where have the weeks gone.  So yes today step by step I walked and walked deep in thought.  What has become of my working world questioning how things can change before you know it?  Sometimes our destiny is beyond our control but it is how we handle and think about what is happening that we have control of.

It is time to rethink and become creative about how to earn an income, how to move forward and how to begin again.  I walked and walked the mind rambling around searching for ideas and thoughts of my next direction – each step lighter than the first, movement eases and the mind clears – four hours have passed, walking past crowds, couples and sole walkers just like me.  Shops, cafes, bars, rivers and city buildings all become a blur but distant talking or laughing remind me of what is the most important thing to value.

Step by Step I walked today Sunday night is here and Monday morning is closing in.  Cherish your world and rise tomorrow with a song in your heart.

Anzac Day – April 25, 2013

Poppy Field

Anzac Day – Australia
April 25th in Australia is a day to remember our fallen soldiers and those who have served in wars past and current.

This morning I quietly walked down to the Anzac Day Parade and watched with reverence our heroes. It was very moving and heart-warming; the mood of the crowd was touching.
People from all nationalities lined the street to clap in respect and pride, giving the occasional return wave to our war heroes as they paraded past. Those who marched wore uniforms, whilst some casually dressed, some played instruments in the bands whilst others were driven in military vehicles or classic cars but what they all had in common was service during the darkest of days – war! Most of the marches proudly wore medals to show their courage and commitment to our freedom and our country.
Some of the marches were young proudly representing their family member who no longer could partake in their place in pride.
On this great day we reflect on what is good in our world and how we can ensure that our dear ones stay safe and at peace in their world.
Thank you to those before me and before my time who have given the ultimate sacrifice to ensure my world and my dearest continue to be safe. To those who serve today and in time to come our prayers will be with you always as I know you are protecting our world and my humble CitySider Life enjoying my Laptop Lifestyle.

Deepest thanks

Beach to Blahh

Coffee and Laptop

Yesterday was a filled with walking, talking and coffee with friends. The morning was sensational – a brisk walk along the beach front to enjoy the sunshine. Stopped for a coffee and muffin whilst watching the walking traffic families, couples and singles all soaking up the opportunity to walk on such a beautiful morning. A few brave souls actually swimming whilst the younger children played in the sand aspiring to be as artistic as the sandcastle designer on the foreshore.

As we walked a stop and visit to the markets was fun. Browsing the stands and pretending I bought everything I loved brought a smile to my face without lightening my wallet – it’s a good trick to use – I do it often; you see it still gives you the same feelings of purchasing but without affecting the finances. Try it sometime wander around the shops or visit your favourite shop that you only treat yourself to buying from for special occasions. As you walk around touch the display or the stock, feel your favourite piece, hold it in your hands now return your ‘purchase’ to its stand or display. As you walk out of the shop the ‘magic’ begins; imagine walking to the counter and purchasing your favourite piece and smiling as the assistant serves you as you leave the store. The sensors in your brain will still light up and you have the cheery thought of purchasing for the fleeting moments that lasts yet you are not maxing your credit card again.

Now you know my ‘purchasing trick’ you can have a laugh at how the rest of my day went. As all cupboards and fridges need stocking this ‘trick’ doesn’t seem to work so well. Yes I had to revert to actually standing at the supermarket checkout with my shiny credit card in hand so I could share the love in my kitchen. Several trips to and from the supermarket and the bottle shop (who doesn’t like a drop on Sunday evening) and the car’s loaded.

Arrival at home – unloading and restocking the pantry and fridge – where has the day gone – who wants to cook? Rather be out walking on such a mild night as the sun slips behind the city skyline this is too tempting, so I close the fridge and step out still in my walking gear. Walking is what I’m doing, walking through the Casino and along the river bank enjoying the buzz of city life. You should see the looks I get by the city visitors all dressed up to enjoy their night out. Fine wining and dining they are all dressed up to be in the city and I’m strutting around headset, runners and walking gear what a sight. Ahh but yes, I put my ‘magic trick’ in place I imagined I too was dressed up and shiny as they were – ahhh what a beautiful night.

So what about my evening meal -the food court but of course isn’t that what all ‘walkers’ do? A glass or two of wine when I returned home after my glam day out…………… 🙂 🙂
Hope your day was enjoyable and filled with magic.

Saturday Morning – Sunshine and Peace

Woke this morning to a glorious sunrise the warmth of the sun hugs the city skyscrapers – I am enjoying watching city buildings being lit by sunshine on a misty morning. The city wakes as the sun glosses over the world of concrete.

The morning peace has been shattered to hear the news about the manhunt in Boston is escalating – a community under siege – looking out from the window of my high-rise apartment I can’t imagine the emotions the people in Boston must be feeling. From where I stand I can observe the city I live in. People enjoying their morning walking by foot or riding bikes. There are people in cars, trams, buses and trains all going about their business. Even a helicopter whizzes past the metal shape glimmers in the sunshine. Each day our travels lead us to peace and freedom, our places of work and or pleasure to meet people or associates who are likeminded in our world.

What is the motivation that urges someone to shatter a community with such violence, the fear that drives someone to believe that this is the way to bring unity. The Television flashes news of updates in Boston and the news is there has been a resolution to the manhunt. Interviews of the community members shows the spirit of connectiveness and how this type of event brings everyone together. May Boston and it’s people shine above this experience – they are in our thoughts.

In our society we live independently and go about our lives often not connecting to those around us in a meaningful way. It is events like this that stops us in our tracks to evaluate what is important and worthy of our time, compassion and awareness. Stop for a moment and think about the people in your world now, yesterday and who will be there tomorrow and in the future – stop and reflect on all the times of joy and sadness each reflection is an insight into another’s soul and this is a blessing.

Keep the spirit of blessings and joy, share with warmth to your near and dear and may your footsteps be filled with peace and freedom on each day you travel to your destination.

My morning thoughts – Friday 19 April

CitySider life living in an apartment looking over Melbourne – listening to the buzz of the city traffic and watching the sunrise.  The day has started with my reflection on working life and how we value working for our living so highly.  My LapTop LifeStyle has began.

The saying ‘Do you Work to Live or Live to Work‘ is appropriate for so many of us and it’s not until we loose our ‘work’ that we sit back and value what is really important to us. 

Have you considered life without working – I don’t mean retiring – I mean loosing your job, your position, your reason for getting up each day, coming home each evening.  Looking forward to Friday night and growling it’s Monday morning already.  🙂

The endless 9 – 5pm drone as we go about our daily working life – yet take it away and we begin to realise how quickly we became immersed in the catacombs and webs of the working world.  A world that you have to take a step back and out of quickly once your working life is taken from you.

LapTop LifeStyle replaces the ‘Good Mornings’ and ‘have a Nice Weekend’ from your fellow office dwellers.  So here I am to all of you – ‘Good Morning’ and it’s Friday so have a ‘Nice Weekend’.